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Did you know that a sheepskin...

Breathes and regulates body temperature. Wool fibers breathe and have the property of acting as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature? This helps your baby to maintain a stable temperature and keeps your baby dry and comfortable. It does this "dynamically", which means that it happens when it's needed, and not when it's not needed. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Contains lanolin. This substance is also found in human skin and is known for its disinfecting effect. Sensitive and / or irritated skin can have a healing effect.

The risk of asthma decreases. Recent research shows that sheepskins are very healthy for babies? The article states that when children sleep on a sheepskin in the first three months of their lives, they are 79% less likely to have asthma and allergies at the age of 6 (click for article). This is due to the microbes that are naturally present in the lambskin.

Is hypoallergenic. Because wool cannot create a climate in which fungi, dust mites or bacteria can thrive, wool is ideally suited for people with allergies. Self-cleaning and resistant to bacteria. A sheepskin is resistant to dirt and bacteria and is self-cleaning? This is due to the structure of the fiber, which contains protein as the main component. This actively acts against bacteria and viruses that do not get the chance to multiply.  Supports and relieves. It helps against physical fatigue. Scientists believe this is due to the three-demensionaal accumulated fibers that give a natural bounce and softness. It supports the body and relieves pain, muscle pain and fatigue. Creates a dry environment. A sheepskin helps to relieve the discomfort of people with arthritis (inflamed joints), hip problems, lumbago, hernia and other ailments. It is the tool for a good night's sleep and lying comfort. It stays dry and relieves pain directly caused by a moist environment. Ideal for yoga and meditation. Is a sheepskin ideal for practicing yoga and meditation? It is very comfortable and regulates heat and moisture. There are even yogis who recommend a sheepskin not only because of the perfect size but also because it isolates your own magnetic field (your aura) and neutralizes the magnetic radiation of the earth. This helps you enormously in the meditative process and keeps your body balanced. Advances blood circulation. It retains body heat and advances blood circulation. It relieves the pressure points of the body so that Decubitus (bedsores) can be prevented which often older, injured or lying / sitting people have to deal with

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